24-hour Grab customer service only for partners : WAGB

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the  Grab call center is  now easier

Grab Call Center is the  best help and information center, always  helping customers get answers to their complaints.   This feature  makes it very easy for you to get help without having to go to the  nearest branch. We  are free to make calls without having to meet with CS.

You can access the Grab Help Center in the Help Center feature of the app. We cannot use it before installing it on a smartphone or  gadget.   Innovations that are not said to be new but  continue to experience the latest innovation process continue to be developed.   Thanks to a sophisticated system, it is easier for partners to  find valuable information.

The Grab Call Center  is  accessible directly from your application.   There is one benefit that customers will get, and that is the ease of getting news as there is a collection of important items to help you  answer questions.   There is already a form available for us to file a complaint and respond to it more precisely.

Gra b’s  help  center  is very accessible and more convenient because you just have to explore the app.   Another advantage is the time factor where  customers can call customer service when they are.   Surely it will be more frugal, right?

How to call the  Gra b Help Center

Before you choose  to make a call directly to the administrator, there are several simple, unpaid ways to get answers to the complaints you’ve filed.   There are key steps to be taken.   Here are the  steps for  partners to  ask  questions through the Help Center.

  1. Go to profile

Now you can contact the Gra b call  center  , no need to come directly to the point of sale. To access  Help, you can open the app and then select the account page.   There we will see the help menu  and  simply  click on it.   Wait for the apk to lead to the next  view  .   Choose the Help Center.

  1. Question Options

In the  Grab call center, you’ll be easy to ask  questions and  get answers. On the page, there are many options such as how to pay, top up the balance, switch accounts  for  partner-specific tips.   However, if you have not seen the information, you can choose “Contact Us”.

  1. Choose a question topic

On Grab’s help  page, you’ve been introduced with a variety of topics to ask questions.    Make sure our theme matches the necessary information.   It was clearly presented which issues are most often sought by  partners.   This is the fastest and  easiest  way without  the need to contact CS and then wait for antrian.

  1. Call Customer Service

After clicking on the Contact Us  menu, you will be redirected to another page to call the Gra b call center administrator.   The call is paid and the amount depends on the type of profider used.   The payment is valid for one consecutive minute, but if you want it to be free, please use the request option on the previous page.

How to send a grab help center message

In addition to the Grab Help Center, this can be done by calling customer service  by  phone, you can also send a written complaint.   Before we can  access the official email of this company to  the address of the support.id@grab.com.   However, since December 2018, the service has been disabled.

This means that we can only submit a complaint in writing  directly  from the  Grab Help Center  app.  It is positioned in the menu of the member’s profile page  and you can drop a problem there.   The procedure for filing a successful complaint is to follow these steps  .

  1. Email verification

The  Grab call center is  not  accessible  until you verify your  email address.   The goal is for the app  to  access the  account so that the  system  recognizes it and then  facilitates the referral of questions as well as complaints.   After that, the personal  information will also be safe, protected from fraud mode, so it is necessary to take care of your privacy.

  1. Update the app diligently

Applications often crash when you go  to the Help Center in Grab can be caused by several factors such as network and  system.   To make it work normally again, we do not need to delete the apk but rather update it to a newer version.   This update is useful for  customers to get.

  1. Reply by email

The Gra b team  has changed the way complaints are sent via email support.id@grab.com to an easier system.   You can fill out the form at the bottom of the list of daily  items  .   Write that the complaint is in progress and wait for the administrator to respond.   The message will be sent back to your email address.

24-hour Grab customer service for consumers only

Grab Call Center is for all partners who already have  an  account in the app.  You need to register a phone  number  and create a password.   In this way, the experience of obtaining    online transportation services can be obtained very easily without the need to visit the ojek location  .

Not only by using oje k services, you can order food, drinks, pay bills or buy goods easily.   But with so many drivers, we sometimes find that there are people who serve randomly.   Of course, as a customer, he feels upset and wants to report.

To complain, you can use the   Help Center feature so that people who don’t know  it get direct action from the company.   Internal parties   will help you overcome the complaints you face. The reporting process  can be submitted to the special Contact Us menu so that Grab Indonesia can help you.

Grab Call Center can be contacted for 24 hours so you  can easily  file a complaint at any time.   Specifically for the Jabodetabek region, the problem can be submitted to the number 021 80648777.   In the meantime, if we live outside the  area, we can call directly via the contact 021 80648799.

By submitting a complaint   directly to the ponsel, you will be charged a fee and the price depends on  each telecommunications professional used.   Use  polite  language  when talking to customer service.   Explain the chronology of events in detail so that they  can  later  provide solutions.

24-hour Grab customer service only for partners

In addition to  customers, partners such as drivers and salespeople can also submit complaints to the Grab call center.   These are the members who need information the most   to facilitate the management of a business.   To get help,  it is necessary to take several steps, namely call the help desk number  .

Partners or customers of  modern ride-hailing applications  certainly need information that can help  them  answer their questions.   Without the need to come directly to the GDC center but only replaced by instant calls.   There are 5 lists of important numbers specifically for business owners, food/beverage stores, and drivers.

In the  app, partners can access a special Grab Call Center number.   You want to need information in a quick and urgent time, you can press the number 1.   But if it is not in urgent circumstances, do not use calls on this number.

Partners who encounter unexpected conditions and need to change their account information in the  phone number  bi sa 2.   But to access it, you must first  register on GrabBike and request the creation of an e-wallet.  Code 3 is valid for GrabFood customers, including how to get your intentions.

Dial the number 4 for partners who benefit from the services of mountain bikes and  car  drivers.    Special questions are available that can help customers access GrabBike or GrabCar in a short time.   Finally, choose call 5 if you want to get shipping information to various locations.

As a consumer, the solution to file a complaint can be done easily through the app.  Those of you who are still embarrassed to ask can maximize the quick questions on the question list.   Then let the Grab call center help you get the best answers and suggestions.

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