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Topi Sepeda Polkadots

Rp 125.000

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Topi Sepeda Model Casual berbahan canvas yang sangat lembut cocok untuk bersepeda atau kegaiatan sehari-hari.The Polkadots, like a cycling cap, is perfect casual good looks when you need to look sharp. A true work of art in cycling apparel. This URBNCASE offers style and performance that is unmatched.Enjoy The Ride, Ride With Your Fines styleSpec :Fabric : Canvas Cotton FabricColor : Blue With Green Tosca Cirle Pattern and Green Tosca Ribbon StripSize : 55 – 65 (All Size)“urban cycling apparel enthusiasts”@urbncase   contarc person urbncase : 081287777453 sms & whatapps  

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