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Kaos Brommie Fold

Rp 135.000

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The Brommie Fold tshirt with brompton folding bicycle theme is very suitable for use every day when you relaxing or playing because its made from a comfortable material.   Bahan :- 30s Cotton Combed- Hand Technique Screen Printing- 100% Contton YarnUkuran :XXL (Width: 21.6 or 54cm | Lenght: 30.4 or 76cm)XL (Width: 20.8 or 52cm | Lenght: 29.2 or 73cm)L (Width: 20 or 50cm | Lenght: 28.1 or 70cm)M (Width: 19.2 or 48cm | Lenght: 26.8 or 67cm)S (Width: 18.4 or 46cm | Lenght: 25.6 or 64cm)

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