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Update SiCepat call  center number  24 hours a day for consumers

Calling the SiCepat call center  number  24 hours a day is the best way  if you want to know or  complain about something.   Please note that SiCepat is still a newcomer to the  world of online  parcel  delivery  .   Therefore, the service at the  estimated shipping costs is always affordable and very optimal.

Online  parcel delivery itself has become the choice of  many people if they want to send goods to remote people.   Also, if you have an online business, you should be familiar with this service as it is mandatory to use.   When talking about Sicepat services, it turns out that it has many important advantages for its users.

Discover Sicepat’s  parcel   delivery service

Although JNE or J&T  were popular  first, instead of making SiCepat lose  class  , it could even surpass both. This can be seen from services such as delivery in 15 hours  so that packages that have arrived can be delivered immediately that day.   Unfortunately, it cannot yet be used for all cities.

In addition to receiving, you can also make deliveries by means of pickup delivery  so that the shipment of packages does not need to be in place directly.   If you do not  know  how, you can call the SiCepat  call center  number 24 hours in advance to find out the  procedures  in accordance with  the provisions.  For example, about  the provision of the amount to the maximum weight.

The terms of the shipping costs will be calculated based on  weight and distance, so don’t overdo it to make it more expensive.   They have precise scales, so it is impossible to miscalculate.   Also, if it turns out that later after being sent, there is an error, you will not be  blamed because the sender is SiCepat so that it  benefits the company.

In addition, in the delivery of packages, there are often  problems such as damage or abrasions.   Later, they will be responsible so that there are compensation services for consumers.   The amount is not pleasant  because packages weighing only 1 kg can be rewarded with  losses with a nominal value  of  500,000 Rupees or even more.

When you have sent the package later, you can immediately request a receipt number so that you can see the progress of the delivery  of  the goods.   Plus, you already  have  your own app so you can access it  more easily.   In addition to the app, you can also use the  SMS reception feature where  tracking will be done using short messages.

Tracking doesn’t have to be too frequent as it is very fast and safe.  Guaranteeing the current  speed  is  their  motto so that it can arrive within 1-2 days depending on the region.   This delay can be achieved even if you use regular delivery, so if you use quality on it, it is guaranteed to be faster.

Update the SiCepat call center number  24 hours a day

If you want to contact customer service, this can indeed be done at any time because it is 24 hours a day. Thus, during a  late-night contact,  it will  always  be  well served.   The customer service number is 021-5020-0050 and  you can contact if you have  any problems or information discord with the delivery person.

Please  note  that although the SiCepat call  center  number 24 hours  a day  can be contacted   at any time, try not to contact it when you are busy.   For example, during working hours, whether in the morning or during the day, usually not directly connected.   Therefore, it is recommended to contact during the afternoon or  evening , it should be connected immediately.

Later, when it is connected, immediately ask questions about the  desired thing.   If you have obtained  any information or clues, then be patient as the problem can definitely be solved.   All lists  of  consumer complaints and  questions will be served calmly and professionally through the SiCepat call center  number  24 hours a day.

In fact, there is another alternative if you  contact customer service but it is not optimal, namely via social media.   You can contact via Facebook sicepatekspresofficial or Twitter @sicepat_ekspres. If you choose to contact via Instagram, then via @sicepat_ekspres or Line @sicepat.   All of them have their own administrators, so when they are contacted,  they will definitely receive a response.

Issues that can be complained about via the call center number ifCepat 24 hours a day

While you may receive complaints, this does not mean that all issues will be accepted and resolved by customer service. There are only a few common things that can be done, for example, such as shipping too long. This can be caused by many factors such as delays  in selecting  goods to the wrong entry from other shipping areas.

Generally  , if you use express delivery,  this kind of thing will not happen, so to avoid having to  fill in the address correctly.   Later, if it was sent but arrived a long time ago, it can be contacted by  the SiCepat  call center number 24 hours because the address was not found, especially from the beginning it was wrong.

In addition to goods that are not delivered,  another problem that we often encounter turns out to be after the arrival of the damaged goods. This usually does  not  happen  because the  job  transfer  is accidental or is not handled properly.   Most items are damaged because the packaging is  too tight so that the goods undergo deformation or visual changes.

Damaged goods usually  occur in food electronics, so a special  container  is needed to be safe at the destination. If you encounter problems like this but contact the SiCepat  call center  number 24 hours earlier, you will check the problem first.   But the average will still be subject to damages.

Even more so in a problem such as lost goods, where  the  error rate is  quite high. This can happen due to courier errors  or  incorrect addresses so that delivery  is not appropriate.   But because it has a great responsibility, the replacement of damage and loss of goods will always be done by Sicepat.

Another  problem is if the  package turns out to be held by   Indonesian   government customs at the airport. Customs duties are quite strict in the selection of goods entering the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, where goods prohibited from import will be directly detained.   In addition, if you can import but have not paid taxes, you must also  be withheld.

Tips for sending packages online safely

So that  the package you are sending does not have problems, you need to take precautions in  several ways, for example by  using more  protective layers.   Try to make this protective layer very scratch-resistant and not easily torn.   In addition, it would be better   if the material was waterproof so that it is not  easily torn.

Generally, you use used cardboard indoors, but for the outside, it must be   equipped with  bubble wrap again to be safe.    In addition, if the product is quite expensive like gadgets or other electronic devices, it is mandatory  to wear protection in the form of wooden packaging because it has been proven that the delivery item remains safe.

To make delivery  service employees more careful, you can also add a   warning sticker to the package.   Give information about the goods on the packaging so that it is not arbitrary when it is moved to place.   Especially in the delivery process, shocks must always occur so that our packages are prone to damage.

But if you use Sicepat’s services, you will be careful in maintaining consumer plans.   You can ask the SiCepat call center  number  24 hours a day to find out about their best service features.   It will be explained one by one so that if you  do not get maximum service, you can immediately protest.

But protests are rare,  especially in direct parcel delivery service companies  .   In addition, the service has been maximized and professional, so errors are rarely found in customer protests.   Certainly,  consumer satisfaction has  always been number one, especially the goal for the package to be safe all the way to the destination.

All the advantages of this  delivery service,  of  course, we must consider because it has  superior advantages to similar companies.   In addition, security and confidentiality are definitely guaranteed so that any item arrives safely.   Although you have problems,  they can be solved easily by calling the SiCepat  call center  number 24 hours a day.

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