Tokopedia Call Center, Our Special Attention toCustomers: SudutKebun


Tokopedia call center is deliberately provided for customer convenience both as sellers, buyers and service users. As one of the big companies in Indonesia, of course, many important things  must be considered in detail. Including paying attention to customers to be more comfortable working together or using our business services.

Tokopedia is considered as a large company  to have a smooth journey without obstacles until it is as big as it is now. In fact, there are many steep paths we have to  go through but we are still eager to realize the dream. Innovation continues to be carried out to improve the best service, increase the type of business and maximize existing opportunities.

Knowing the story of our journey is very interesting and currently runs various types of businesses. There is also a Tokopedia call center service  that makes it easier for customers to submit complaints, obstacles or seek guidance. And there is a live chat service can be used with its own terms and conditions will be explained below.

The Story of tokopedia’s Founding Journey To The Big As It Is Now

Our founder is a young man who has a high spirit to create a bridge between the village community and the city. The high urbanization makes many items collected in the city while in the village difficulty accessing. These goods or products become expensive because they are constrained by shipping and various other causes.

William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison are the founders of Tokopedia have life experience and challenges considered similar. Their long  journey through is not easy because at first their dreams are often laughed at. Dreams that are considered too high continue to be fought until they can make a big company like now.

Concern for customers is important so that the availability of special Tokopedia call center services. Considering that customers come from various circles, various cities or regions in Indonesia, thus creating new challenges. Whatever obstaclesoccur continue to be considered in order to provide comfort and realize dreams of success together.

Tokopedia decided to work with BTS as an ambassador brand because BTS is considered to build a positive image. Tokopedia and BTS build a vision that is in line so that they both benefit both in cooperation. Currently our company has been successful but never satisfied to continue to innovate.

Berbagai Types of Businesses Run oleh Tokopedia

Tokopedia is indeed famous as a company with a big name in Indonesia, especially as a marketplace. It turns out that there are still many types of businesses that have been run for the best convenience and service for customers. Here is a brief explanation of tokopedia’s type of business and get more complete information at Tokopedia call center.

  1. Marketplace

As a trusted Marketplace, we bring together sellers with the market or buyers safely. You can sell a variety of products easily because the available market is very wide and unlimited. Likewise, buyers are easier to find products according to their needsat a more affordable price and save on shipping costs.

  1. Financial services

There are many financial services options considered easier, busa place and anytime.  We have worked with trusted partners so that financial services are safer for the long term, such as:

  • Fund
  • Gold
  • Online loans
  • Capital loans
  • Credit card
  • Insurance
  1. New retail

Tokopedia partners are used as a bridge that facilitates online and offline sales. Customers can take advantage of this service to reach wider customers using online means. This service is noticed by Tokopedia call center as a digital partner while your offline store continues to run as usual.

  1. Logistics dan fulfillment

We use logistics and fulfillment systems proven to make shipping easier and safer because it is integrated. Sellers are given the freedom to store products in our warehouses that are available throughout Indonesia. While the buyer can determine when the package will be received so that it is easier for the delivery system.

Tokopedia Care Services Accessible onthe Official Website

We provide Tokopedia call center as proof of concern for loyal customers joining us. You can access our official website  to get avariety of complete information about the type of business that is run. Here are some of the service options available at Tokopedia care complete with a guide on how to use it.

  1. Select the constraints being experienced

If you experience problems when using Tokopedia do not worry or panic first. You should take a breath and then find a solution by finding a way to solve it on the website page. Open the official website and then look for a help center or Tokopedia / help later appears some options what your obstacles are.  Choose a topic as the center of obstacles that you experience, including:

  • Constraints related to my account
  • Constraints of my order
  • Constraints about the payment process
  • Delivery process constraints
  • Refund constraints
  • Order complaint constraints
  • Promotions and many others
  1. Report crimes

Tokopedia call center provides a crime report feature if you feel you are experiencing adverse problems. Intended problems such as account hijacking, credit cards like already used by others. Even getting suspicious messages let alone on behalf of Tokopedia such as winning prizes or promos when it has never been held before.

Never hesitate to report it and we will process it as soon as possible for the sake of mutual convenience. Do not easily believe also with various promos or gifts that are not clear source. It is better to directly confirm to our customer service so that the information obtained is clear and accurate.

Tokopedia Live Chat Service withTerms and Conditions

We provide convenience to users by providing Tokopedia call center services  through live chat. This service is in great demand because it is very easy to use with a fairly fast response. There are 3 types of live chat that are distinguished according to terms and conditions to make it easier to find information.

  1. Live chat general

The service is distinguished for gold tier customers with Platinum customer tier as the main condition. Customer tier Gold initial response with Chatbot, after 3x can only connect with customer service. While the Platinum customer tier immediately appears a live chat box and connects automatically with customer service.

  1. Live chat power merchant

This service is only provided to special sellers  subscribe to power merchants accessed through the Seller Center. This service is provided specifically to complain about sales only or specifically sellers. The team will wait for 2 minutes, if there is no follow-up response then the chat will end automatically.

  1. Live chat O2O

O2O live chat service is only provided specifically for Tokopedia Khusus Partners  who are officially registered and have an account. Only customers experience sales constraints and special purchases of Tokopedia Partners. Every customer must have been registered can directly click live chat and can connect with customer service.

As a large company in Indonesia, we continue to develop ourselves and the spirit to innovate services. So that every customer who joins us can feel the various ease of service. No wonder if Tokopedia call center services  are always considered and prioritized for your convenience as our partner.

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