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Q&A DHL Common Service Center from Customer

In this article, we will discuss the DHL  service center and about customer questions. Perhaps those who are accustomed to making transactions or shopping online to go abroad know this one delivery service.

DHL International GmbH is a provider of package delivery services or packages but not only locally, you can also send packages or packages to various countries around the world. Especially now that online purchases from market markets outside Indonesia are no longer new, there are already many online businesses that make transactions easier.

Not only with online shopping, you can also open a business at a wider range. If you are used to being a buyer, you can start a business to earn new income as a seller. DHL may be the preferred method for sending packages that can help the buying and selling process between countries.

You can also contact the DHL service center  which is ready to serve users 24 hours if there are items causing the package to be hampered, questions about shipping goods, Customs and others. This company of courier providers has existed since 1969 and has even delivered 1.3 billion packages per year, so it is clearly believed.

DHL Shipping FAQ

A common question that is usually asked in call center services is when does shipping arrive? For those who have questions about shipping, you don’t need to contact customer service because you only need to visit the DHL tracking page and:

  1. Open the DHL Indonesia website, which is dhl.co.id
  2. Once the main pageis opened, click on the tracking option
  3. After clicking the tracking option later you are asked to enter a number or reference to get thestatus notification once gwe get confirmation of delivery

Even through the tracking menu you can also track shipments, so that you can contact the  DHL service center if you experience not only problems but about studies or delivery of goods, but by tracking and shipping products only, you can get as much information as possible from DHL Indonesia’s webpage.

The most important thing is that you have saved the tracking code so you can know how far the package is being sent. The tracking number or receipt number has 10 digits, before performing several tracking checks to turn off that the receipt number or tracking number is actually valid.

Unless you find certain situations such as a lost tracking number or you don’t store it, the route number is problematic, the shipping information does not match the actual destination and others may simply contact the DHL service station.

Frequently asked questions about packages being sent through DHL

Another question and answer that is often asked by customers is about packages. Especially if someone is transporting internationally for the first time what is the first time using DHL express services, so it is quite common that there are many questions, which are common:

  1. What are the payment methods for DHL?

For those who have just created an account, you should choose a standard delivery and later there is a price quote that can be discussed and you can pay the bills monthly.

  1. What is the maximum size of the product to be shipped?

For international shipping, they use special vehicles and aircraft where the size of the shipment cannot exceed 120 cm measurements, after which you are also required to report the weight of the goods, especially for sent items weighing more than 50 kilograms.

  1. Why are shipped goods rejected by DHL?

With this one question, it is actually quite simple where DHL itself is conditional on sending a product. In fact there are some prohibited materials such as hazardous waste or war materials and heavy weapons.

There are many questions that can only be answered by going to the main page of DHL Indonesia website and you need to contact the DHL service center if it relates to damage or loss of goods. Later the DHL team will help you track down lost items and recover damaged products.

Questions On How to Send a Package

DHL itself strongly supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not surprising  that  many argue that this global courier or safari is an ideal partner for bilateral trade. Even for beginners, there’s no need to worry because the DHL team also helps you take care of customs and excise handling.

Moreover, the trafficking business using DHL services has existed since 1969 and still exists today and even the internet is very extensive around the world. DHL even has a network of over 220 countries and regions, with broad coverage that your business can operate better.

Sending a product with DHL is also very easy, you can find it in  the DHL service center you only need to provide information about the goods to be sent and the location. Then try counting shipping costs, also check the list of prohibited items so that the package you will send doesn’t get in trouble, in Indonesia here are the banned products:

  1. Gambling tools
  2. Animals
  3. Antiques
  4. Ponografia
  5. Disc or Laser
  6. Dangerous products
  7. Pink
  8. Asbestos
  9. Code Contacts

After that, you can choose services, you can choose international services for other countries or export and international services from other countries to your country or import. You can also choose other optional services such as adding packaging then exporting work hours or protection of shipping values by others.

How to contact the DHL Care Center

If the information on the main page of the DHL Indonesia website is not yet understood by you or there are other objections that need to be asked by the DHL team directly, then you just need to contact customer service. There are many ways you can do this, from sending emails to livechat and mobile services.

You can open the main page of the DHL Indonesia website then at the top right there are several options, one of which is to contact the DHL express. Click the DHL express contact option later there are several options to contact customer service, one of which is to fill in directly on the complaints page and format:

  1. Name
  2. E-mail
  3. Postal code
  4. Customer account number
  5. Location
  6. Simu
  7. Description of comments

If you can use the quick service, you simply click the chat now option, after which you will be redirected to the livechat service from the  DHLs service center team. In addition, you can also call a hotline that can be accessed 24 hours without toll-free meals, which is 0800 1 333 333 or another phone number on +62 21 7917 3333.

With the telephone service, you can communicate both ways so that your complaints can be properly filed while finding the best solution. So for those who want to do business not only locally, DHL express may be one of the options.

Expanding market access is actually the most effective way to make your business grow. Typically, the drawback for the shipper is the delivery service, while DHL express is very helpful for small to medium-sized businesses and there is even a DHL service center service that is ready to help you.

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