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Nila Bumbu Pesmol, West Javanese Cuntada Delicious and Easy

One of the many specialties of West Java is pesmol Tilapia. Many people don’t know that this processed fish comes from the Sunda area. This processed fish is very popular among many because of its fresh taste with a sense of delusion that everyone wants to eat at all times.

This customized fish is unusual, because this dish seems to have a strong spice flavor but that flavor is not very complex and it is still fresh. visually, the menu of the fish sauce is yellow because it uses turmeric. For this reason, this processed fish is also known as yellow spice fish.

Some of the scents and scents used in making this tilapia dish are turmeric, silinlade slices, into saliva and shallots. Not only do add a solid and good-tasting flavor, the aroma components are also helpful in providing a sweet aroma that closes the fish scent.

To make this traditional West Javanese cuisine is definitely not hard-pressed. The steps you’re taking are not very much. It’s just that, there are some specific tips so that this Nila pesmol dish is delicious and tempting to the pups taste flowers without fail. The following is a full presentation of processable foods.

Fish as the most important part of, pay attention to its freshness

The first thing before you start the cooking process, you have to prepare the main ingredient which is tilapia. In fact, on this menu you can use any kind of fish. But if you want to preserve the original West Javanese sense, you should use only tilapia. Make sure you choose fresh.

To choose a new fish there are a few simple tips. First, look at the smell of the fish you choose. The sweet fish has no very mixed fish smell that is very messy with the nose. A fresh sweet fish releases a scent of water that can still be tolerated when inhaling its scent with your nose.

Apart from the scent, you can also check the fish’s healing by using the color of the gums. A new fish and often has gills, which are red in color with fresh blood. It’s different if the gills already look grey or brown in color, which means that the fish are not fresh, especially if you push the flabby side of the cub.

Fresh fish are usually more elastic than that. Apart from the color of the color of the color they are also different. The deliciously sweet fishes still look bright and they don’t simply escape the body. The rest of the fish that have been silent for a long time are the ones that are silent and when caught, they come out and out easily. Also pay attention to the eyes of white sharks.

If you have confirmed a new choice of fish, now you can quickly start the process of analyzing tilapia like this West Javanese recipe . Of course, before that you have to wash the fish deeply-shortly with the fish up to the weight. Then, the fish hitting a lemon jawan so it doesn’t have the smell of fish.

Prepare some things from Pesmol Yellow Spices

After the choice of fish, purification, which was also greased with citrus sap, now is the time to talk about the processing of tilapia as a standard West Javanese diet and its dietary diet. The essentials of making pesmol are not very much. You can certainly get it easily in the market or others.

What you need is red and white wings. With them of 8 pieces it reaches the onions, even four pieces of garlic. Then, also prepare two pecans, then one finger section for turmeric and ginger pieces. These ingredients consist of pesmol fine pesmol later.

There are other things to make of yellow silk. It includes two sheets for bay leaf, and then one galangal finger section, lemongrass up to two jihads, don’t hesitate to add the ten red cayenne baaba. This will make this poor West Javanese food even more delicious.

Don’t worry too that you also provide about 150 mL of mineral water, then apply it in the form of chicken plumes or powdered powdered sauce, salt, and granulated granulated sugar so that no longer the taste of the fat you make becomes more balanced and makes the tongue move. You can also add a little bit of jawan to fill in.

Prepare Fish And Also DeliciousLy Delicious Seasonings

After preparing various foods that are common in this region of West Java,  you will move on to the next step, which is fish processing as well as good first-hand silking. Unlike other fish, this synail tilapia uses an old fry fish so that it is not a fish.

Make sure you use enough oil to fry the fish and wait until it heats up. This large amount of oil aims to fry fish using this deep method to cook fish smoothly. Fry until the fish are golden or yellowish-brown but don’t dry too much.

Suggestions for frying the fish to prevent it from erupting are to sprinkle wheat flour over the frying fish on a hot fire. If the fish have cooked, stir and put it forward. Now, it’s time to make good spices by filtering wafers, turmeric, slices of lente, and weight.

If it’s so efficient and evenly mixed, you can start to indulge in fine spice plants until the scent is scented. Don’t be careful to add bay leafy ingredients, pressed lemongrass, and galangal when sautéing to make a more aromatic and delicious aroma. Use only low heat so that it doesn’t burn.

It is time to convert Pesmol Soup for Fish

The WestJavanese food and the food they made is really much easier to make. If the mineral spice is fragrant and has finished the sautéings, pour it into the mineral water you prepared early. Cook and cook until it boils and marin-cloth cooked. If cooked add the remaining ingredients.

The other remaining items are some cayenne berries that have been cooked throughout, then start the dense process with the leper cloth or chicken broth, some salt sticks, and a sprinkle of granulated sugar that tastes. Make sure that the taste of the correction is right from sweetness, salt, salt, even the sweetness is balanced, to be sweet.

If you feel that it is cooked, now is the time to put tilapia fried with pesmol sauce. Make sure that the fish are anchored wrapped in a raisins and cook until the water glows and absorbs the meat with tilapia. Soon the classic West Javanese cuisine is ready to enjoy.

If the mushrooms of pneumonia are too low and absorbed into the fish, and the fish are already yellow because of the raisins, you can already pick them upandpour them into the prepared dish. Make sure you don’t really finish the pesmol sauce so the dish isn’t too dry.

To serve, you can add extra ingredients like star fruit slices or green tomatoes that not only support the introduction of the dish but also add a fresh bitter flavor when eating this traditional sundanese dish.

Now, a list of raisins (pesmol tilapia) or yellows is ready to be served. You can taste it together with your family or the scent of those closest to you. Isn’t it easy to do? Traditional food recipes in West Java and other native regions tend to be delicious and easy to try.

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