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If you are interested in becoming an online driver, the requirements for the gocar list are easy. In today’s practical era, the offer of services to take passengers by car is indeed getting easier. Especially now that there are startups in online transportation such as gojek or others that are also popular.

In the current pandemic, not a few people lose their main income. This is also due to many types of factors. For example, from the company does break the employment contract even until the salary is not appropriate. It is all due to the pandemic that continues until now.

When the problem occurs, many people also turn to looking for search eyes. All efforts are also made in order to provide income every month. For now, the job that is sought after by the public is to become an online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol) or gocar.

If you really want to be one of the drivers, then for the requirements of the gocar list it turns out to be easy. Pay attention to what is needed before submitting a cover letter to the company. There are many people who say that the conditions for registering are not easy and complicated. But it wasn’t.

Everyone if they want to enter a cover letter, then only have to follow some provisions for the criteria of the car as well as the driver as well. If all the necessary things have been fulfilled, then you can submit a letter and the gojek will make a selection. For your own terms you can read the following review.

Getting to Know Gocar and Its Service Offerings

Before further talking about the terms and conditions needed to register at gojek, it is mandatory for you to know and know closely what gocar is. Because if you know more about this, then the services provided to customers are also getting better.

Gocar itself is one type of service that is in one of the online transportation applications that are often known as gojek. Of course, for this type of service is different from go-ride. If gocar uses a car to deliver passengers, then go-ride utilizes a motorcycle in serving its customers.

But for services that use this car vehicle is actually widely chosen by the public, because the passengers are quite a lot. Even in one car can be 5 to 6 passengers. Quite efficient to use, especially if you don’t have a vehicle to go from one place to another.

For the passengers themselves also depending on what type of car is used to register. You want to be one of the drivers.  The requirements of the gocar list turned out to be easy, prepare all the specified things and your request will be processed by the gojek party immediately.  So drivers give a lot of advantages.

Syarat List of Gocar Indonesia Drivers

As a prospective driver who sends a cover letter, then make sure you understand well what I am. To apply to be a partner of this gojek, you must understand the provisions. Take it easy, for the condition of registeringgocar turned out to be easy. It will not make you confused to meet every point.

Here there are two very important points from the requirements of  the gocar list turned out to be easy and must be obeyed by everyone who will apply to be a driver.  Like the condition to be a driver and the second is the condition of the vehicle used. These two things must be considered by anyone if they want to join as a gocar partner.

If one of the conditions cannot be met, then you will also not be accepted to be an online transportation driver. For the difference between the two themselves, of course, it is obvious. Where the driver is the one who will take the passenger to go to his destination. While the vehicle is a car will be used to deliver.

From here, you can know if the requirements of the gocar list turned out to be easy. No need for complicated documents. For a more complete review, you can understand several things including both important points when registering. Do not ignore the slightest thing if you want to accept the application.

Car Conditions Used by Drivers

For the condition tolist gocar turned out to be easy, not just riders. Even the car used must also meet the requirements. If not, then you will not be accepted to be a gocar driver. For the terms and conditions of how kualifikathe car itself, can be seen the following:

  1. Year of the Car

Syarat gocar list turns out to be easy loh pertama, if you want to register as an online transportation driver with gojek, then the first requirement must be met is what year the car comes out. The vehicle that can be used to be a gocar driver is diatas 2012. If the vehicle outputs below it, then it is not allowed to be used. Meanwhile , the types of cars are quite diverse.

  1. Insurance

The vehicle must have allrrisk insurance, meaning that if one day it has damage, it can be serviced using insurance. To prove if your car has insurance, you can give the policy. The policy is a thing that explains if it is true that the car is registered with insurance.

  1. Complete Letter

If you want to register as an ojol driver, then make sure the vehicle has a complete letter such as stnk and license plate. Stnk photo of the vehicle both front andrear as a condition and made to be parallel. If you do not meet the requirements of this one, then the application application will not be accepted by the gojek party.

  1. Domicile Letter

This document is to explain if the vehicle is indeed yours. Even if it is bought from someone else. In order for the document to be clear, this letter is needed as a complement.

  1. Vehicle Engines

Machines above 1000 cc are provisions given by gojek if you want to register. If it is not eligible, then the request is not accepted.

  1. KIR Test

Some time this is indeed a KIR test is needed for vehicles used to transport goods and people. In some branches gojek this condition is needed, but some others are also not.

It can be seen, the requirements of the gocar list turned out to be easy, right.  All the conditions mentioned are already in your car. There is no need to take care of any documents where it takes a long time. All requirements are also in the completeness of the car owned by each person.

Want to Be a Driver, Here Are the Conditions

In a big city or tourism place, surely online drivers who use cars are much sought after by users. Because privacy is more maintained and passengers also do not worry about how the weather is. Understand the conditions needed well if you really want to be one of the drivers.

Want to be one of gojek’s partners?  The requirements of the gocar list turned out to be easy. Prepare your original ID card. This has indeed become the main requirement in every job application application anywhere. This is necessary to prove if you are indeed a native or already registered.

In addition, because it becomes an online transportation rider, the driver’s license is a penting incision that must also be fulfilled. Make sure the driver’s license owned byi is type A and still valid.  Attach this document when applying for registration. In addition, bank accounts, smart phones, and active mobile phone numbers are also needed.

If you want complete information for application submission, then you can directly call 021-5084-900 or via email customerservice@gojek.com. This can help you if you experience problems during registration or need complete info. How, the requirements of the gocar list turned out to be easy, immediately registeryourself to become a partner of Gojek Indonesia.

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