Microsoft Volume License  Service Center  are as follows : DIMENSIKU

کارا ئینستالL Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Have you ever attempted to  contact the  Microsoft Size Permission Service Center?   This is usually done to overcome a variety of problems related to this product.   In  fact, a variety of accounts are provided  by this  product to make all users feel  more comfortable  using them at work.

One of  the accounts that is often required is the VLSC or better known as the Volume Li Sansing Service Center. When  you  create  this  account for the first time  , the VLSC account  can definitely set up.   Next, you’ll be asked to do an email to finish creating the account.

How to  access  software through the Microsoft License Service Center Volume

Have you ever passed the brain to install software through VLSC?  As it turns out, this is  not really  something you  can do.   In fact,  there were many people who had experienced it. When  you  just  bought the Microsoftware, then access  to  the software can be done via VLSC.

To  sign in to the software through the  Microsoft Volume Permission  Service Center,  the steps below need to  be well understood and read.

  1. Record an account through VLSC

The first and first  step   you need to take is to register your account   with VLSC.

  1. Save Email from Microsoft

After registering an account through VLSC, you can now sign up for an e-mail   . This item should really be done and there is  no  reason why it certainly won’t.   A variety of emails can be made, including if you’re a user from Jewish or a user from Gmail.


  1. Visit VLSC website

Step  three, you must visit the official website of the  Microsoft Volume License   Service Center.   This can be done in long   After you sign in to the website,    sign in  with  the Microsoft account you already saved. Don’t forget.

  1. download

After the above three steps  you perform carefully and accurately,  the  last step is to download the software.   This can be done by clicking the Download and Keys section  .  This button is located below the VLSC heading. The list of software can be downloaded here.   How about that, it’s easy, right?

Benefits of using the Microsoft Volume License Service Center

Some people may not know what a VLSC product is.  However, this product  actually has its own benefits related to Microsoft. The program, of course, has several different lists of products that first appeared. This seems to be unknown to many people.

The VLSC program itself  actually has a very different list or list of products from retailers.   These  are some examples of very important differences.

  1. Shebhu Habdan

In fact, the Microsoft Volume License Service Center  offers very  different  configurations with  some programs. This is especially true for offices that are offered.   You can see the difference is very visible in the Officea section.

  1. Karphirnamänänänné Sehrvähr

Some  of the  different things that appear in VLSC   are also seen in  the server program and other programs that are used.   Apps appear different lying in company operation as well as developing in terms of used software.


In this case  , some software available can only be  returned  through  size permission  .   cannot be found in  the autoshop version. Therefore, anyone who wants to use it must officially go to the VLS Cd.

  1. Purzkerdenhua Windows

Another obvious  difference  in  the VLSC in terms of Windows upgrades.   Although the size  permission  is available,  it still  does not provide full permission  to the system of action.

In   some  of the differences that appear, it is certain that  the products offered are clearly different from previous products.   Products that are sometimes published   are not actually the same and different, although they both  come from Microsoft.

For example  , when you request multiple copies of Windows 8 in English, Microsoft only sends cd rooms  in  English.   You   do not get  software  to perform  additional installations in other languages such as French, Spanish, and other languages.

Y ang نەرمەواڵەبەردەستە لە Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Do you already like one  of  these families in Microsoft? One   of these important products offers very attractive software to use.   In using this software, there are some benefits that you will get later.   You will obtain  a  specific number of permissions when installing lor.

Some of the types of products obtained  from  the  Microsoft Volume License  Service Center  are as follows.

  1. PÎچچک Khuzmtahtguzari

The first interesting software for you when  you use the VLSC is service wrappers.  You will get  this updated product  by meeting some requirements.   Normally, you should  see  it  before  downloading these requirements.

  1. Office Multi

The next attractive software you’ll definitely get is language wrappers.   This version of windows office product protects the  right  to request packages from  multiple languages.  This provides benefits  for  anyone because it can use a variety of languages   provided from Microsoft.

  1. Get previous versions of products

Another  benefit that  you can definitely enjoy after using VLSC is that you can get  versions of previous products  . This can be done through the site  .   Later, you will get an earlier version  of the selected address  given.

These various benefits are  definitely obtained by all  VLSC  users  . If you would like   to do so,  drink the lan for the first time.

How to use downloads from the Microsoft Volume License Service Center

As explained earlier, this product  can  actually be used to download the required file types.   However, do you know  how  to  use the resulting files in downloads through VLSC? If you feel confused about how to use it,  the  following style  will be easily learned.

  1. Soutaw

Have you ever burned cds?   We have this when you want to burn the downloaded files in VLSC.   This software will then command to burn. So, you can burn it in the first CD or DVD before you start using it.

  1. کردنەوەی فایلی ISO

Another way to do this  is to open a file downloaded via  ISO. When you have software with zip fields, then  copy the contents of the file to the computer first.

  1. Install in ISO file

The last way  to do this  is  to  install  the file from the horizon.  This will definitely be done if you already have an ISO file.  Later, you can install files to access files that appear to be on a disk drive.

Well, this product is now widely used from the VLSC.   You can start  making LANL with  the steps provided above.   Various  benefits  can be  obtained using products from VLSC.  So, do you want  the  Microsoft Volume License Service Center