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Write3 Recipes for special categories of regions from West Java

If you’re in the mood to try to cook ordinary dishes from West Java, we’ll write down 3 recipes for the region’s special category from easy West Java and you can try it immediately.Like other regions, Western Java is actually a region with a variety of sweets and salt.

In general, the delicious food selected from West Java is made from a mix turtle mixture, brown sugar, and flour. Flour can be a variety of varieties ranging from rice flour, rice flour, to wheat flour. This Western Java snack is actually simple and requires only a few ingredients with a simple procession.

As simple as it is, all these Western Javanese delicacies are still tasty and delicious. No wonder a lot of people like these foods. Not only is it easy to find in places, this special food is also easy to make yourself, you know! So, you can learn to cook this traditional delicacies.

Here we will write 3 recipes for the region’s special category from West Java that are treated with appetite. Make sure you take it seriously so you can practice it together immediately with your family or closest ones.

Wajit Bandung Legit Family Casual Friends

Hong kong from western Java, especially the famous city of Bandung, is wajit. Almost everyone from many regions already knows this dessert. Unlike other sweet dishes, the wajit has its own unique features that you don’t find in other sweet dishes in West Java.

Yes, one of the highlights you can find in addition to its sweet flavor due to the combination of glutinous rice flour, grated coconut, and brown sugar is the outside of this diet. Wajit belongs to a lump whose presentation is wrapped in dried maize leaves. This is certainly something special about this food.

Food for making wajit is one of the formats we’ve written down 3 recipes for regional specialties from West Java will be reasonably presented here.If you’ve prepared the necessary ingredients before, you can start making it by combining all the ingredients together, added with water.

Cook the flour while stirring continuously for about 45 minutes. After that, you can wear a print and let it stand until the temperature drops for an hour. Then if the wajit flour has cooled, it can start to wrap with a ready-to-use dry maize leaf.

It is not over yet, after wrapping it in a maize leaf, now making the previous wajit flour using the oven for 30 minutes.  Don’t take too long because it can dry the wajit flour and even hard.Don’t you want it if the wajit texture you make is not right and too thick?

Similar to Donuts, this is Ali Agrim of Recipe from West Java

There is another sweet dish witha lessdelicious and less tempting flavor like Ali Agrim.In shape, Ali Agrem is very similar to donut.It’s just that, in the process of making it, this food requires different ingredients from donuts in general which often have many in different circles.

We’ll write 3 recipes for a special category of the region from West Java, and one of them is this Ali Agrim.Although it looks like a donut, making this ali agrem is easier even if it takes longer than it does at the time of making the legendary potato donut.

The ingredients that need to be provided for alyagram cooking are again not far from bananas, sugar-brown sugar or palm trees, as well as glutinous rice flour. You just have to mix three ingredients equally. Don’t forget to dissolve the brown sugar first and cue the peanuts.

If the flour is finished, do not flush the oil immediately. You have to do a break for Ali Agrem dough. This process usually takes at least six hours until the whole night so the flour is solid and can be formed and ready to be burned hot later.

The shape of the finished flour resembles a common donut, then flush until the colour turns brown. Now, you can try to make it without hesitation. Among those we’ve written 3 special categories of regional recipes from West Java, this is the easiest recipe to do.

Beautiful Cake named Princess Noong

Sweet and beautiful looks to be the ideal sign to be selected in this typical dessert from Western Java. As the name suggests, Princess Noong has a very beautiful look with a variety of bright flour colours, as well as sweet, legit, and soft flavors that tongue pampers.

Among the other recipes we have written down 3 recipes for the region’s special category from West Java this time becomes the most in demand; in addition to the delicious, this dessert is also easy to make.Again, ingredients just want cassava, jackfruit bananas, with as much sugar added and salt as needed.

Combine all the ingredients together, then vomit for about 20 minutes. After that, the newly divided fragrance is divided into two and gives a green and red dish color. If that is the case, brush each flour on the banana leaves and put the banana on top.

Wrap bananas by each flour. Then, steam again until it has been cooked for about 30 minutes. If cooked, you can transfer it to another container and start cutting into pieces. Serve with the prepared lemon. Princess Noong or Princess who is staring ready to eat with her loved ones.

Special 3 Recipes from West Java

We’ve written down 3 recipes for the region’s special category from West Java as mentioned above and all three are really the favorite food menu.Now you can not only enjoy the deliciousness, you can also make it without fear of failure by following the previously presented recipe.

The ease of the process of making these three recipes is the specialty of this dish. The ingredients used are almost the same and always use grated bananas and pieces of sugar-brown sugar are characterized by all types of sweet foods from Western Java, as if each dish is consistent with the main ingredients.

If you’re already skilled at doing many recipes for regular food in many regions, you can also write down 3 recipes for the region’s special typography from West Java or other regions to share with others.Because cooking is more fun than just being able to enjoy the closest ones.

In addition to sweet foods, West Java has a lot of specialties from salt, to spicy. This is also one of the unique features of food coming from Sundanese, which tends to be spicy and salty. The model is serabi with delicious oncom toppings and is ideal to serve when relaxing in your spare time.

You only have to practice the various foods offered to the top before so that you can produce foodthat tempts the taste of many people. Don’t be afraid to try, because we’ve written down 3 recipes for a special category of regions from West Java that are practical and easy to do.

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